Cappstone Energy Group

Let me start by saying if you ever had any doubt about how or if painting a room can change the whole look of a space, then you need to look no further than these after photos. Upon consultation, I almost had to wear sunglasses because the original color yellow was so harsh it made my head hurt-maybe a little dramatic but you get the idea!

While consulting with my clients and figuring out what the look would entail and how the space needed to function, I had this idea of a locker wall that could be both functional for employee storage and divide the workspace from the kitchen and bathroom. I went a little further with the design by working with 7th Street Salvage, and creating a base on casters for easy mobility within the space. Finally, the paint and logo was the last piece to the locker wall puzzle. I called on my very talented friend Christina Dahn Designs to draw the logo on the lockers.

Another request was for a long communal table that would be easy to throw a set a plans open and have a worktop you could stand up around. We added bar stools for extra seating and to have another option for an open work area for the employees. I called on 7th Street Salvage again for a custom build for that. The space could handle a 12’ long table so that’s what we went with. The reclaimed pine wood was salvaged from a barn. I wanted to maximize every inch we could in the open area. Fun fact: the base of the table was made from the metal handles on salvaged carts from the Target in Macon that had previously closed. They were bright red and needed some black paint to go along with the rest of the space. The requests for what I needed to design were typical of what a functioning, fast-paced business needs. Coffee bar, printer table, and storage, somewhere to put the microwave, complete remodel for the kitchen, custom mail cubby system, adding electrical, painting, re-fresh conference room, updated foyer decor, ample desks, and open workspace were just some of the needs. I think just by re-working this space and creating zones it helps make the space look less cluttered and lets you know what the function of the space is.

I had a couple of tricks up my sleeve too with having a design idea for a time zone clock wall that I kept secret from the clients. I had this big space in the kitchen and when you walk in that was where my eye went even on the first date touring the space. I knew it needed something to draw the eye upward & not focus on the basics of a kitchen. I wanted it to be sleek, clean and professional looking.

Cappstone is one of my favorite designs to date. The project timeline from consultation to install was 9 weeks. I hope the space will be used way more than they anticipated and I think it will be a great hub for their employees who are out in the field on a day to day basis.

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