About Us

About Us- A Vintage Soul


Hi, I’m Rachel, a vintage soul!  My house is a constant state of crazy fun, full of three boys and a revolving door for their friends. My husband, Damion, shares a similar love for all things vintage and the hunt that goes along with it. After years of different questions from friends and family about anything décor, my style, and what are my go-to’s for skincare I decided to jump in head first, create a business and see where this fun adventure takes me.  My faves are vintage, salvaged, shabby chic and repurposed décor. I love a good antique shop and road trip junkin’.  I feel connected to a time when things moved slowly, family was everything, and your handshake meant something.  I live in a state of nostalgia I guess you could say. I tend to hold on to the stories of the items that are found and treasured.  As much as I love the old treasures I’m a sucker for a new, shiny handbag, pretty packaging, all things make-up and skincare.  Fun fact: I’ve been a licensed esthetician since 2011. So, I still feel connected to the world of skincare. I love trying new products and if the packaging is pretty I’ll buy it (eyes rolling).  I hope you enjoy following along on all my design projects, DIY’s, skincare tips, and so much more!