Decorating on a Dime: Where to Look for Great Deals

These might be some of the top questions asked of me- Can I afford to make my space look like that? Can you find quality stuff online?  Can I decorate on a budget?  The answer is YES! I spend a great deal of time searching for affordable items because who doesn’t like a great deal?!

decorate on a dime

When I’m working on furnishing a project for someone you know the first place I go is HomeGoods and TJ Maxx, bet you knew those were on the list!  I think some of the overlooked places are Big Lots,, and Amazon. Shocker, on those first two, right?!  I have been pleasantly surprised when receiving furniture and it actually looking like what was pictured.  I know nothing compares to seeing a piece beforehand and make sure colors, textures, and the piece as a whole is quality, but sometimes it can be the better option when working with a very limited budget. I think the first 2 stores mentioned have paid attention and realized they should start offering some of the same quality products to stay competitive with your bigger online stores like Overstock, Wayfair, Joss & Main, Birch Lane, etc.

decorating on a dime

Which leads me to online shopping for furniture.  Before you place any online furniture order, please read the reviews! If there is any discrepancy on a certain item you better believe the people will let that company know. I rely on reviews every single time, and I’ve removed many items out of my cart after reading real reviews from customers-stay away from the paid sponsor ads. 

decorating on a dime

Also, I like mixing high and low-end items to add a bit of interest in a space.  Sometimes the best place you can shop is your own home.  Do you have an heirloom piece that you can utilize within your space to help bring the whole room together? Have you thought of or considered antiquing or yard sales? This may not be your thing or you don’t have time, but if you’re willing to stop in that antique store you pass on the way home every day I think you’ll end up liking it and may even find those one of a kind items that you will not see in all of your neighbor’s homes. 

decorating on a dime

Etsy is also a great place to find items that can be personal to your space. Etsy is good for finding handcrafted items that have a story behind the small business you are supporting with each purchase.

decorating on a dime

Here are some other store shopping option go- to’s for me:

  • Look for certain items that are name brands that you already know about and know that you’ll be getting quality, but with a strained budget in mind. I have found pieces from the Magnolia home line at Home Goods. Ralph Lauren bedding, Kate Spade organizers and high-end kitchenware can all be found at TJMaxx.
  • Best assortment and affordability for blankets-Home Goods.
  • Best place for holiday themed décor-TJMaxx/Kirkland’s. 
  • Lamps-Close tie between HomeGoods & Hobby Lobby (make sure to use your 40% off any regular priced item coupon) for an even greater deal. Your bigger items like beds, night stands, or accent chairs can be found at all of the places mentioned above and a wide assortment online.
  • Also, keep in mind that the big box stores I listed all have websites and as a way to increase the traffic there sometimes you will find the better deal online vs going into the store. 
  • I can’t leave out Ikea, but it is known for products all needing assembly and an engineering degree to put together your prized purchase. So, keep that in mind when you find a king size bed for $89.00- you might want to spend a little more money as to not having the aggravation of putting all the pieces together.
decorating on a dime


Of course, I have not listed every single place where I go to find a deal, but the ones mentioned should get you a head start on saving some money while making your place all your own.