Montivegas Manor

I think all of my most recent projects are my favorite. It is like something that consumes you for 8 weeks and then you hand it over to the homeowners and hopefully you hear angels playing harps and the Heavens open up—well, maybe not, but that is how I picture every reveal because I put everything into it and I want everyone to be so pleased with the job completed.

This outdoor living space was a normal size area so as far as bringing in décor that would be easy, but what we did have to do was replace/rewire existing switch and add a dedicated 20A circuit along the exterior of the house to supply power to the area. We relocated and installed a new fan, added 4 recess can lights with a switch, added 4 new outlets to provide low lighting with lamps. The sconces, fireplace, and tv also had to be installed. My electrician does excellent work and I think it is so important to find people who you trust and know will provide an excellent job or I will be paying for any mess ups! So, before I could even get to the space there was work beforehand. Sometimes I think the before/after reveals on social media can be misleading as to how long something like what you see as my finished project takes. It is weeks of brainstorming, collecting, purchasing, approvals/disapprovals, coordinating the different jobs and finally executing the plan. Luckily after our initial consultation, I was able to determine that we could use all of the existing chairs and sofas-they just needed to be cleaned-WIN/WIN- The first thing I do when I look at a space is figure out what we CAN use. I want to use everything if I can. It helps with the budget, and it is one less item that I have to search for. So, in this case, there were 2 sofas, 4 chairs, 2 sofa tables, 2 planters, and 2 metal bamboo side trays. All outdoor and all perfect for the space.  I just had certain things on my homeowner's checklist that were doable and easy to create. I brought in a rug to anchor the space. I added 3 table lamps and 1 floor lamp. You can never have enough low lighting and on top of the checklist was ‘must have lamps’. I added a bistro table and chairs for extra seating in the corner, but they are actually a comfortable little spot to drink coffee or do some work with plenty of workspace on the table. I only bought one side
table since I could use the others. I did give one a refresh and apply 3 coats of clear coat on the top to protect it from the elements and I painted 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black on the legs-it looks like a brand new table!

On each side of the porch are 2 huge blooming camellia trees. I used that to my advantage and created fresh flower vases for the area. The personal elements that I decided to use were books.  My client is an avid reader and loves, loves, loves to be surrounded by books and knowledge. Every table has a stack of books. I just flipped the covers so that all would be a monochromatic white. Another challenge was boot/shoe storage. The area I was working on is their outdoor mudroom. They needed a designated area for cleats, boots, and a mail drop. I added 2 baskets with tops for cleat/boot storage and a 2-tier boot bench for overflow and a space to sit while putting on your shoes. I hung a rustic wall mount coat rack with hooks right beside the entryway so that mail or jackets could be dropped off or picked up easily.

When all is said and done I hope this space provides a retreat for the family and extended friends. I hope it is a welcoming nod to all who enter this home.

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