The Lake Office Project

Lakehouse projects are typically full of laid-back vibes, but this particular one also needed to have a functional and professional work space.  The location was near an area where families come to spend time on the lake in the summers or weekends. The office was not being used full time which allowed for it to be more comfortable and less stuffy.  I could really add whatever personality the client wanted because the office walls and trim were all painted white. A perfectly clean slate! There was rustic flooring to tie in to the casual atsmosphere.  The client had a canoe portrait that he wanted to use. So, the idea came about to create a backdrop for the portrait by making a pallet wall.

The need for a desk that concealed all the wiring and secretary’s personal items was another area that had to be addressed. The office is on the second floor and the original desk that was in the space was all open underneath. As you walked up the steps into the office you could see the wiring and plugs before anything else. The word shiplap was thrown around a time or two so I immediately thought of making a shiplap wrapped desk. I found an antique desk that was perfect for the space. I had it covered in shiplap as to look like that was original. I chose white paint for the desk since there were so many other wood and brown elements.

Another problem area that needed help were the open windows. All they lacked were window treatments to keep the sun out and soften the area. I chose roman shades in a washed white. I love how they turned out and I know that the secretary will appreciate having a way to keep the sun out of her eyes.

The vintage theater seats were probably my favorite find for this project. They were salvaged from a theater in Valdosta, GA. and in great condition. I could not wait to complete the empty wall with these complimentary chairs. They not only provide extra seating in the waiting area but have a strong history and story behind them. This job had so many items that were both practical and pretty, but also tying the office to the area around it with lake life feeling. I hope this is one space where everyone will look forward to coming to work!

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