The Little Kitchen that Could

I affectionately title this {the little kitchen that could} because the possibilities are endless with a gutted kitchen!  I want you to know that you don’t have to build a new house to get the kitchen you never want to leave.  Fresh paint, new cabinetry, appliances, and new countertops can make it seem like you're in a totally different kitchen than before. In some sense, you're not, since everything old was completely removed, but the space remains the same. My client has great taste and knew what she wanted- the appliances were already picked out! She is a great cook and baker, so her choices of appliances reflect that. She needed good tools of the trade. The countertops may have given us a run for our money in trying to keep them seamless, but with such a large area around the sink, there was no choice, and you wouldn’t even notice the seams unless they were pointed out to you.  Overall this kitchen makes you want to gather around with friends and family to cook and share a meal. I know it will be used often. My cake request is still standing, but I think I should let them unpack some more boxes first!


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