The Smith Project

I recently closed a chapter on a job that has been going on for close to a year. I am always humbled when people ask and trust my decision on major things when building a home or refreshing a space. I do not take it lightly; I always try to incorporate things that will match my clients' tastes or use items within the décor that are personal to them.  On this project, my client’s home country of Colombia was in the forefront. My client recalled memories of arched entrances, lots of large windows, and rounded edges.

Within the different spaces, windows are everywhere. I love the natural light! The windows bring the outside in. The arched foyer leads into the living room where I placed a metal filigree arched décor piece on the fireplace.  It may look like just another décor piece, but for my client it was a great interpretation of arched details that she was wanting included in the space.

Another arched element that was brought in was a transom mirror that was close to 7 feet tall. It makes a dramatic impact within the living area. It can be seen from other areas of the home such as the kitchen and sunroom. It cannot be overlooked! The best part about the mirror story is it was a surprise gift that the husband was wanting to pull off for his wife.  So, he and I worked as a team to keep this a secret up until the reveal.  I was so excited to show it off to her and the placement was a perfect first impression.

My clients preferred a clean, crisp environment and little home décor. This will be their forever home after being empty nesters, and they did not want anything that did not serve a purpose or have a function just to be filling space.  I obliged to those requests along with requests of a whistling teapot and candy dish.  Sometimes the items requested may be the hardest to purchase! The things that you know they will be looking for. Lucky for me, I had ideas in mind and knew they would be pleased.

I love when I hear a client say that they have this old piece of furniture and they are sure that I will not want it. As soon as I heard church pew, I was smiling. They had several furniture pieces that I knew had to be included. For one, was the church pew. It was perfect as is. I had about 4 different locations of where I wanted to try it out, but ultimately it ended up in the sunroom in front of those beautiful windows that are throughout the home.

I could tell a story about every piece in this house. It truly is what happens when you incorporate family pieces and pour your heart and soul into a place.  It speaks through the lived-in furniture placed next to a wedding gift that has been boxed up for months or even years.  Your home should represent you and within that, you will be home.

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